JMC Third Annual Graduate Showcase

It was a bittersweet moment. Graduates from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications were filled with eagerness to finally take steps out into the world but reminiscent over the creative endeavors they’ve gone through during their time as a Spartan.  Over the past year, these students have poured out the very best of themselves into projects, campaigns, papers and works of art; some of them now on full display in the tiny upstairs dining room at this years JMC Showcase.

As people slowly began to pour into the top floor of The Loft in downtown San Jose, the room suddenly came alive with laughter, smiles and excited conversation.  Professionals from around the Bay Area along with faculty and professors gathered together with continuing and graduating students for conversations that inspired and encouraged.  Scattered around the room, propped up behind tiny white flowers, were snapshots of PRSSA members. There was one, however, that caught my eye. As we were posed for a picture in San Francisco during a tour of three big agencies, I was standing at the back shy and unsure if I was capable of succeeding in public relations. I confidently stood at the table where the picture was and my gratefulness for PRSSA grew as I looked around at the members who I’ve met and gotten close to.  

The delicious smell of appetizers and the sound of glasses clinking together intensified as more people began to fill the room.  One of the most memorable moments of this event was seeing the work that advertising, journalism and public relations students produced. As I ventured out into the patio into the light evening breeze, I was met with an array of colors and graphics jumping out at me from a variety of different projects.  It was truly inspiring. I spent some time studying what fellow classmates created for the 2019 PRSSA Bateman Competition. I flipped through student-made campaigns for the city of San Jose before enjoying the beautifully designed Spartan Daily stories that I remember reading myself in between classes. It all made me incredibly proud to be a mass communications student at San Jose State. 

This event brought together not only the hardworking students but the faculty and professionals around the Bay Area that have invested into them for a night of celebration and connection.  Relationships were made. Work was recognized. Great food was eaten. But most importantly, the night ushered in a sense of eagerness for the new year to begin for all the continuing PRSSA students.  As we scanned over pictures from this years Regional Conference in Sacramento, we began to talk about how excited we were about the even bigger upcoming Nationals Conference in San Diego.  

We would all love and greatly appreciate a small (or big!) donation for us to connect and learn there.  Next year, when this JMC Showcase comes again, we promise to meet you with stories and experiences. And we’ll be ready to pour out our knowledge to continue the chain reaction you’ve started!  

What PRSSA Means to Me

What PRSSA Means to Me