Roles and Responsibilities Overview


Position Description: The role of the chapter president is to be a liaison between members and the public relations/mass communications professional community—both locally and nationally. The chapter president is “the face of the organization.” In times of success or miscommunication, the president is the person the community turns to for congratulate, or for answers. The president must advocate for not only board and chapter members, but also the local community and be socially responsible, focusing efforts on diversity and inclusion.

Vice President of Professional Development

Position Description: The VP of Professional Development is the pillar of PRSSA. This role is a professional liaison with our community stakeholders including organizations and agencies that employ our students and members. It is of the utmost importance that the VP of Professional Development prioritizes the growth and sustainability of professional opportunities for our members.

Director of Chapter Development

Position Description: The Director of Chapter Development is the foundation for member success and retention. In addition to overseeing recruitment efforts, the Director of Chapter Development will help elevate member status by forming relationships with local organizations and entities both on and off-campus. 

Director of Diversity and Inclusion

Position Description: The Director of Diversity and Inclusion embodies what it means to be an equitable, fair and socially responsible leader. This is not only a position, but a belief system of advocating for every creed, gender, sexual orientation, race, ability and religion. Each initiative, speaker and event for PRSSA should reflect this—thus, this VP works with every board member to ensure successful, accessible and socially responsible opportunities. 


Position Description: The Secretary is responsible for all organizational communications in PRSSA. From weekly newsletters for members, drafting project initiative briefs for the board and updating the PRSSA SJSU official website, the Secretary is a liaison between the president, board members and chapter members.


Position description: The Treasurer serves as the financial advisor to PRSSA SJSU. This position works closely with all board members, specifically the president and events director, to ensure financial stability for the chapter. From bringing in funding to tracking our account balance, the Treasurer is a vital role to the success of the organization.

Events Director

Position Description: The Events Director works to bring PRSSA SJSU ideas, initiatives and partnerships to life. By working with a set budget, professional resources and partnership assets, the director leverages logistical and organizational experience to create engaging, fun and purposeful events.

Creative Director

Position Description: The Creative Director is the brand and image manager of PRSSA SJSU. From establishing aesthetics, managing content, creating vision boards, writing scripts and shooting/editing media, this position calls on a leader to blend professional and creative skills in order to elevate the brand and reputation of PRSSA SJSU.

Social Media Manager

Position Description: The Social Media Manager is key to representing the progress and development of the PRSSA chapter. As a PR organization, our image is valuable, and it is the social media manager’s responsibility to reflect the branding and guidelines in place by the creative director and executive board. From engaging with other PRSSA chapters and community organizations, to commenting on member posts, this position is designed to increase the visibility of our chapter.

Community Engagement Coordinator

Position Description: The Community Engagement Coordinator is similar to traditional internal and external public relations roles. By communicating with stakeholders, members and on-campus organizations, the engagement coordinator embraces and engages the local community for enrichment opportunities for the chapter, its members and the organizations we serve through partnerships, education initiatives and professional development outreach.

Publications Editor

Position Description: The Publications Editor facilitates written communications for educational, fun and professional pieces on an array of topics. With full creative-license, the editor’s goal is to increase chapter visibility and highlight the amazing contributions of our talented members. In addition, by featuring alumni and working professionals, the editor will engage with the working community to increase visibility in media communications, through our PRSSA website and on appropriate social media channels—such as LinkedIn.

Brand Ambassadors

Position Description: Brand Ambassadors serve as member influencers, both on social media and by fostering professional and fun relationships with students. By engaging with current and potential members, the ambassadors help increase organization success and visibility.