We are excited to present you with your newest PRSSA member benefit, MyPRSA

What Is MyPRSA?

MyPRSA is our association’s new members-only, secure, private community that empowers you, our member, to create meaningful communication and share resources. In addition to the versatile community and resource library, you will have access to all of your membership information.

Why Is It Important?

We understand that your time is valuable. This community will provide you with a new way of interacting with your peers that allows you to share information quickly, increase collaboration, solve problems, ask questions, and provide you with a forum for innovation. The community will also store all of your member benefits including articles, webinar recordings, presentations, and much more!

Who Can Participate in the Community?

The community is exclusively for PRSSA members. PRSSA members have access to all open communities. We will add more specific communities as we continue this process.

How Can You Get Started on MyPRSA?

· Click here to take a tour of the MyPRSA community or click here to view the how-to guide.

· Log in using your existing MyPRSA username and password.

o   Click here if you don’t remember your username/password.

· Read and accept the terms and conditions.

· Create your profile. Click here to learn how.

o   Upload a photo.

o   Link your profile to your LinkedIn account or manually input your information.

· Search for contacts and start adding people you know or would like to get to know.

· Start/reply to a discussion in the open forum about relevant industry topics. Click here to learn how.

· Ideas for what to post: 

o   Ask questions

o   Share ideas

o   Answer questions

o   Share your experiences/insights

o   Ask for inspiration

o   Share useful resources/articles

Why an Online Community and Not a Discussion Forum?

MyPRSA is similar to a discussion forum, but offers additional invaluable features. Some of the benefits of the MyPRSA community are:

· Ease of Use – MyPRSA is a responsive site that you can easily access 24/7 from your computer or mobile device. Posting and replying to discussions is just as easy. You can log in to the website, or post and reply directly from your email and your post/response will be stored in the community!

· Completely Searchable – When you perform a search on MyPRSA, it searches the discussion posts, responses and resources (shared both by members and PRSSA).

· You Have Control – You decide how you receive notifications from the community, selecting either a daily summary or real-time notifications.

· Upload Documents – All of your member benefit documents can be found in MyPRSA, and you have the ability to upload valuable information and documents to share with your peers.

We hope you enjoy this newest benefit and we look forward to seeing your contributions to the community!