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PRSSA SJSU continues to foster relationships between students and mass communications professionals in the Bay Area. Because of our sponsors' generosity, our members are able to participate in conferences, tours, panels and workshops across the country. 

The companies and organizations below have partnered with PRSSA SJSU to create educational and equitable opportunities — available to all of our members — in the form of professional development fairs, student t-shirts, employment listings and conference registration sponsorships. 

“The Hoffman Agency provides a level of support and encouragement perfect for, and that frankly can’t be matched by larger companies. Every intern has a dedicated manager with weekly check-ins, plus a network of team members dedicated to their success and mentorship. This internship program provides professionals with all the tools needed to kick off their career in PR, while also forming lasting professional relationships.”

“What stands out to me about teamwork at The Hoffman Agency is that there is no ‘weak link’. The experience of doing an entire project yourself or taking on extra work to make up for a slacker teammate is not something I have ever experienced during my time at Hoffman. It’s an incredibly supportive and liberating feeling, having teams that truly got your back. Plus, you get to experience being held to a high standard, and depended upon: your team needs and wants you there, and they’re not going to ever make you do busy work or sit and twiddle your thumbs. This is true even at the intern level, all the way up to the CEO.” - Pal Hollywood, Account Executive

“Our core hiring criteria for our intern program is that we are looking for the next generation of leaders within the PR industry.”

 “We search for those with big ideas, strong opinions and the energy to bring them to life.  Critical thinking, creative ideation and tenacious execution are critical skills needed for teamwork and content.” - Andrew Robinson, Highwire PR

"When you're a student getting ready to graduate, you're kind of on this cliff. Looking out to a world of opportunity. And probably thinking, what the hell do I do next?

“Connext is the trampoline right below that, ready to not only catch you but to propel you up onto the next opportunity. We connect you with mentors, help you with your resume and LinkedIn. We personally career coach you and support you so you're the best candidate possible for whatever opportunity comes next." - Jasmine Garcia, Marketing Communications Specialist

The thing that I believe would catch a prospective intern's eye about Praytell is that Praytell wants you love your job. It's important to us that you feel heard, appreciated, and like you're able to make a positive impact in the company, no matter what level you're at.

Skills that Praytell values in terms of teamwork include being personable, considerate, and responsible. Communication skills are the most important aspect of PR because not only do you need to work closely with clients but you need to be able to function as a strong team member by pulling your weight and communicating when you need a hand.

Another thing that's special about Praytell is that we have a very strong community. Employees spend time together socially in order to build trust and empathy for each other. I find that when I get to know my coworkers more personally, I become more empathetic if they're having trouble delivering something. I also get to understand how to work with them better in a team if I understand their personality more.

In terms of creating quality content, Praytell values creativity strongly. Not just on a design level, but on an everyday brainstorming and idea generating level. We love random ideas even if they seem so out of the box they would never be able to be implemented. Just a year ago an intern came up with an idea so great that it won us PepsiCo!

“Sterling Communications is a public relations and digital marketing agency that crafts and spreads compelling technology stories. Our clients appreciate how we build and maintain relationships through real, personable interaction and good old-fashioned hard work.”– Allison Hampel, Operations and Office Manager

“…and we have dogs in the office.” – Anthony Baldini, Sr. Account Executive

 “ Contributing new ideas is mandatory. At Sterling, we have each other’s backs and happily celebrate everyone’s successes. We can’t expect to be special, distinctive and compelling in the marketplace unless we create something special, distinctive and compelling in the workplace.” – Ashley Nakano, Account Supervisor

“We could say it's work-from-home Fridays and our dog-friendly offices — but it goes far beyond that. We are completely committed to the success of our people. We believe that if our team members can live a balanced life, they will feel more fulfilled at work and in life — which, as our CEO Beth Monaghan says, gives you "space to be your whole self."

“One of our InkHouse values is "we don't confuse process with progress," which means we prioritize results, not just effort. We love to see our team members dig in to help their clients, help their teams and find unique ways to do the best work. We also believe that "we are a team first" and are eager to welcome people that demonstrate those same values.” - Dan O'Mahony, General Manager and Executive Vice President of InkHouse, San Francisco